Newport Beach Handyman Service Jacuzzi Tub Repair

On this Newport Beach Handyman Service Jacuzzi Tub Repair job, Newport Beach Handyman Service was called out to repair a HydraBath Pump for the Master Bathroom Jacuzzi Tub. So All In 1 Handyman went to work, first by removing the leaking pump from under the tub. Next was to find a replacement pump, their were none to be found online or locally that had the same water line inlet and outlet. So Newport Beach Handyman Service decided to rebuild the HydraBath pump. Once rebuilt, the HydraBath pump was reinstalled. The jacuzzi tub is up and running once again, thanks to All In 1 Handyman Service.

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  1. Bruce Brandenburg

    Steve Bowman’s All In One Handyman is a professional handyman service. He is knowledgeable, neat, considerate, on time, affordable and provides straight forward advice and recommendations. I have used him for many projects and would also use him for larger projects now. He even fixed a pump from a our jacuzzi tub after not being able to find a replacement and that was after 3 professional plumbers gave up. Bruce from Newport Beach CA

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